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Progress in Medical Sciences ISSN: 2577 - 2996

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Progress in Medical Sciences. 2022; 6(6):(90-113)

A Case Study of De-Staging and Reverse Transformation of a IDH Mutated Malignant Metastatic Sarcoma to Benign Tumor and Complete Clinical Remission by Application of Multi Targeted Epigenetic Therapies

M A Nezami


The evolution of spindle cell hemangiomas (SCH) to hemangiosarcomas is a phenomenon where although rare can occur. The fate of disease will certainly depend on its molecular behavior and as such clinical manifestation of the disease will depend on this transformation. Some articles have suggested that using traditional treatments such as radiation can influence this transition negatively. Reverse however has never been reported. In other words, there has been no report of angiosarcoma or for that matter any sarcomas transforming to a benign tumor. Here for the first we represent a case of a young woman with strong family history of sarcoma whose tumor responded to an epigenetic therapy with data suggesting a reverse transformation to a benign tumor. Further we believe larger studies should be conducted to evaluate this theory, as it can significantly change the way the treatments are designed for early stage disease in sarcoma.