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The "Progress in Medical Sciences" is a peer-reviewed publication, aims to publish all the latest and outstanding research articles, reviews and letters in all areas of medical sciences from molecules to organ systems. Both experimental and clinical research and studies are welcome.

Recent Articles

Unilateral Ossifying Fibroma Independent of Dental Area in Mandible A Case Report

Author(s): Yeganeh Arian

Received Date: 2021-12-26; Accepted Date: 2022-01-03; Published Date: 2022-01-13

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.5455/pms.20221047
A Giant Fibrosarcoma of Gall bladder - A Rare Presentation- A Case Report

Author(s): Preeti Vijayakumaran, Shravan Nadkarni, Swapnil Patel*, Ipsita Dhal, Mayank Tripathi and Durgatosh Pandey

Received Date: 2021-12-21; Accepted Date: 2021-12-28; Published Date: 2021-12-31

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.5455/pms.20211046
Tuberculosis in Swine: Prevalence and Basic Diagnostic Approach

Author(s): Jirata Shiferaw

Received Date: 2021-10-14; Accepted Date: 2021-10-20; Published Date: 2021-11-23

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.5455/pms.20211044
Effects of Methanol Fraction of Anarcardium Occidentale (Cashew) Bark Extract on Salt- Induced Hypertension in Rats

Author(s): Blessing O Omolaso, Victor Emojevwe* and Bolanle Zeenat Ajao

Received Date: 2021-10-08; Accepted Date: 2021-10-14; Published Date: 2021-11-23

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.5455/pms.20211042
A Review of Schatzki Ring

Author(s): Shivani Modi* and Regash Maria John

Received Date: 2021-10-14; Accepted Date: 2021-10-22; Published Date: 2021-11-02

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.5455/pms.20211043
Misdiagnosis of Low-Grade Appendiceal Mucinous Neoplasm: A Case Report

Author(s): Best Alexander*, Ananthan Mathura, Dhillon Sirjana and Tiesenga Frederick

Received Date: 2021-10-15; Accepted Date: 2021-10-22; Published Date: 2021-10-30

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.5455/pms.20211045
Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Impact on Blood Transfusion Services in India

Author(s): Romesh Jain, Babita Raghuwanshi* and Rakesh Kumar

Received Date: 2021-10-03; Accepted Date: 2021-10-11; Published Date: 2021-10-15

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.5455/pms.20211035
Admissions of Acute Coronary Syndrome among Patients during Early Phase and after one year of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Pandemic in Gaza

Author(s): Ghada Naser and Mohammed Habib*

Received Date: 2021-10-02; Accepted Date: 2021-10-08; Published Date: 2021-10-15

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.5455/pms.20211034
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin As A Marker of Testicular Cancer

Author(s): Óscar Iván Avendaño Solano*, Iván Darío Zuñiga Espitia, Carlos Andrés Guerrero Mejía, Helmer Jair Barrios Loaiza, Alejandro Henao Giraldo, Miyerlai Martínez Salcedo, Rodolfo Antonio Correa Gil and Lina Marcela Blandón Santamaría

Received Date: 2021-10-07; Accepted Date: 2021-10-13; Published Date: 2021-10-23

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.5455/pms.20211041
The Association between Depression and Suicidal Ideation A Systematic Review and Meta- Analysis

Author(s): Kaleab Tesfaye Tegegne

Received Date: 2021-09-21; Accepted Date: 2021-09-28; Published Date: 2021-10-05

Abstract View/Download PDF 10.5455/pms.20211033