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The "Progress in Medical Sciences" is a peer-reviewed publication, aims to publish all the latest and outstanding research articles, reviews and letters in all areas of medical sciences from molecules to organ systems. Both experimental and clinical research and studies are welcome.

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Wolfram Syndrome with Variable Presentation: Case Series Experience from Royal Hospital, Oman

Author(s): Nagla Nassor*, Hanan Al-Zkawi, Mouza Al-Yahyai and Shaima Al Madhani

Received Date: 2024-05-10; Accepted Date: 2024-05-20; Published Date: 2024-05-25

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/PMS/2024(8)205
Development of a New Non-Invasive Approach to Treat of Infantile Hemangioma with Growth-Inhibiting Endogenous Factors (Non-Invasive Approach to Treat of Infantile Hemangioma with Endogenous Factors)

Author(s): Diana Dzidziguri*, Elza Markarashvili, Irina Modebadze, Levan Rusishvili, Nino Kharaishvili, Tornike Leverashvili, Zurab Vadachkoria, Giorgi Ghibradze, Lia Dzidziguri and Manana Berulava

Received Date: 2024-05-06; Accepted Date: 2024-05-14; Published Date: 2024-05-21

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/PMS/2024(8)204
Radiologists Versus Artificial Intelligence in Distinguishing Between Thyroid Nodules on Ultrasound Images

Author(s): Karima Bahmane*, AKSASSE HAMID, Brahim Alkhalil Chaouki and Soukaina Wakrim

Received Date: 2024-04-17; Accepted Date: 2024-04-22; Published Date: 2024-04-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/PMS/2024(8)203
Peritoneal Dialysis in Neonatal Diabetes Presenting With Severe Dka: A Case Report

Author(s): Fatma S Mukhaini, Sarah Sinani, Omer Ahmed Omer and Aisha Al-Senani

Received Date: 2024-03-18; Accepted Date: 2024-03-20; Published Date: 2024-04-04

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/PMS/2024(8)202
Incidence of Second Primary Malignancies Following Thyroid Cancer Treatment with Radioactive Iodine

Author(s): Ali Al-Habsi* and Abdullah Al-Futaisi

Received Date: 2024-03-21; Accepted Date: 2024-03-25; Published Date: 2024-03-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/PMS/2024(8)201
The Effect of Liraglutide on Postprandial Hypoglycemia in Non-Bariatric Surgery Patients: A Case Series and Review of Literature

Author(s): Jamilah A Alatawi*, Wesam Aljalal and Wael M Almistehi

Received Date: 2024-03-21; Accepted Date: 2024-03-25; Published Date: 2024-03-30

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/PMS/2024(8)200
Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) Versus Point-of-Care Arterial Duplex Ultrasound (DUS) in Early Detection and Diagnosis of Diabetic Foot Ischemia in Hemodialysis Unit

Author(s): Ahmed A Tris*, Saghir Ahmed, Hana Masoud AL Nahdi, Ashwaq Abdulla Aldhakri, and Said AL Mazrui

Received Date: 2024-03-08; Accepted Date: 2024-03-15; Published Date: 2024-03-25

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/PMS/2024(8)198
Metallic Artifice Reduction Angio Tomography versus Digital Subtraction Angiography for the Evaluation of Occlusion of Intracranial Aneurysms after Endovascular Management

Author(s): Sara Sofia Checa*, Luis Felipe Checa, Jesus Alberto Morales and Angel Martinez-Ponce de Leon

Received Date: 2024-02-21; Accepted Date: 2024-03-01; Published Date: 2024-03-11

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/PMS/2024(8)197
Uncommon Presentation of a Giant Cell Tumor of the Skull in a Pediatric Patient: A Case Report

Author(s): JM Vitowanu*, OE Idowu, OA Ayodele, AS Ayodele, AE Adetona and H Baric

Received Date: 2024-02-20; Accepted Date: 2024-02-27; Published Date: 2024-03-11

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/PMS/2024(8)199
A Solitary/Multiple Brain Lesions with an Unanticipated Diagnosis and a Therapeutic Challenges

Author(s): Vivek Nagappa* and Chaithanya B

Received Date: 2024-02-12; Accepted Date: 2024-02-19; Published Date: 2024-02-27

Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/PMS/2024(8)196