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Progress in Medical Sciences. 2021; 5(1):(60-113)

Epidemiological, Clinical and Therapeutic Aspects of Malaria in Children Under 5 Years Old in the Bagira General Referral Hospital

Aymar C. AKILIMALI1, Gentil D. RAJABU2, Eddy K. BASHONGA1 and Ami M. MUNYANGI3

Background: In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as in many African countries, malaria remains the leading cause of hospitalization in routine paediatric practice. 

Objective: To analyze the epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects related to malaria in children hospitalized in the paediatric department of the Bagira general referral hospital. 

Patients and Methods: This was a retrospective, descriptive and cross-sectional study that explored the documentary technique of records of children hospitalized in the Bagira general referral hospital from January 1 to December 31, 2020. 

Results: A total of 183 children were hospitalized for malaria (37.8%). From an epidemiological point of view, the month of December, male children as well as the age group 4-5 years have been found to be factors increasing the risk of developing the disease. Fever and headache are the most frequent reasons for consultation. The death rate was 4.9% versus 81.4% cure while anemia is the most common complication (78.7%). The treatment was mainly done with 67.8% Quinine. 

Conclusion: Malaria in children under 5 remains a high pathology in the Paediatric department of the Bagira General Referral Hospital, and anemia, responsible for most deaths, must be a fear for any clinician.