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Progress in Medical Sciences ISSN: 2577 - 2996

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Progress in Medical Sciences. 2017; 1(1):(6-113)

Low level laser therapy: An effective tool to enhance quality of life in head and neck cancer survivors

Ashwini Savia Colaco

Patients treated for head and neck cancer commonly suffer from oral mucositis, ulceration, bacterial infection causing pain, discomfort, impairment of speech and deglutition, leading to dehydration, poor nutrition, and mortality. Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is a promising state-of-the-art method which can be used effectively to reduce these side effects. It works on the principle of photo-bio stimulation. LLLT induces a biological response through energy transfer within the cells. It has anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates the immune system, increases of blood flow, upsurges cellular metabolism, and boosts rapid wound healing. Cells play a crucial role in oral healing. However, little is known about the molecular basis of LLLT to modulate cell mechanisms. Hence for better understanding, this review article aims to discuss the mechanism of action, recommended parameters of LLLT, biological effects on various oral cells, and potential application to revive the adverse effects of onco-therapy on head and neck cancer patients.