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Progress in Medical Sciences ISSN: 2577 - 2996

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Progress in Medical Sciences. 2021; 5(1):(57-113)

Propofol as a Rare Cause of Serotonin Syndrome

James Richard Allen1, Zohra Razaq Malik2*, Zareen Razaq3 and Nathan Rothman2

Serotonin is a hormone that has wide-ranging effects on the body including stabilization of mood, feelings of wellbeing, and happiness. Serotonin syndrome was first described in the early 1960s in animals. This syndrome was first fully described in humans by Sternbach in a review of 38 case reports. In this study, it was found that nearly all reported cases were found in patients taking a combination of antidepressants and other agents [1]1 Serotonin syndrome is a disease that is easily missed as there are no defining features in most cases. Symptoms such as confusion and tremors have a gamut of potential causes. Laboratory tests are non-diagnostic with possible changes including an increase in white blood count, creatinine phosphokinase, and decrease in bicarbonate levels. Here we present a case of Serotonin syndrome that was caused by Propofol use in which led to the patient presenting with respiratory arrest. The patient was treated appropriately and was discharged home in good health.