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Progress in Medical Sciences ISSN: 2577 - 2996

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Progress in Medical Sciences. 2021; 5(1):(61-113)

Urinary Tract Infection: A Common Problem in Pediatrics

Vivel Zareth Arrieta Diaz*, Erick Kim Berrocal, Liliana Del Carmen Mercado Villamizar, Orlando Andres Velandia Gonzalez

Urinary tract infections (UTI) are among the most common bacterial infections in children [1]. Its prevalence usually varies with age, peaking in infants, young children, and older adolescents [2]. Studies confirm that up to 8% of children will experience at least one UTI between the first month and 11 years of age, with Hispanic and white children being the most prevalent (two to four times higher) than black children [1,3]. This is more frequent in boys in the first three months of life and there is a progressive increase with a predominance of girls from the first year of life, this mainly produced by the high concentration of bacterial flora under the diaper in in childhood and in girls due to the short urethral distance [4].